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Space Theatre

Astrovision and Helios Planetarium:
Space Theatre
A large format film - creates a sensation of truly being there: Antarctica: An Adventure of a Different Nature

Antarctica: An Adventure of a Different Nature:The film follows man's thirst for exploration to the highest, driest, windiest, coldest continent on Earth. Audiences will marvel as they take a harrowing helicopter ride through icy crevasses and towering pinnacles; dive with the first humans to swim through a crystalline cavern submerged within a glacier; drill through centuries-old ice to unlock the secrets of Antarctica's past; and join a company of penguins in a graceful underwater ballet.

Embark on an epic adventure to experience what life really looks like on the planet's largest, driest desert. The icy chasms and towering glacial peaks of Antarctica become the landscape for a breathtaking aerial journey. From the South Pole, watch the Sun make its daily trip around the world without ever dipping below the horizon. The sight of emperor penguins perform an enthralling underwater ballet below the ice cap makes for some truly memorable cinematic moments that linger in the mind long after the film has finished. Though the Antarctic region holds a ready fascination, only rich or seasoned adventurers have actually had the chance to gaze upon the ice floes, packs of penguins, and other wonders at the bottom of the world. Following the brazen footsteps of British explorer Robert Scott, the 38-minute film travels the icy continent.




Space Theatre
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