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Report on launching of the large format film “ALASKA – Spirit of the Wild” at Science City on 21.01.2015

The press preview of the new large format film at Science City, titled “ALASKA – Spirit of the Wild” was held at Science City, Kolkata on 21.01.2015.

The story of the film “ALASKA – Spirit of the Wild” relates primarily to the survival of wildlife against fierce conditions of nature and challenges. According to the narrator of the film, “It is a place little contaminated by the present, where we can rediscover a vitality and beauty vanishing from our lives. Whether or not we will ever reach Alaska, we all want to know such a place still exists.” The story masterfully relates the genesis of Alaska and explores its rich history, surprising wildlife, magnificent landscapes, harsh climate and abiding spirit. This film takes audiences fishing with brown bears, soaring with bald eagles, dodging calving glaciers and racing on the hooves of caribou - all from the comfort of their theatre seats. Virgin landscapes, wild and funny animals and an extreme weather that changes the surrounding scenery on a daily basis are described with either the lightness of humour, or the concern of a nature fan.

The film will be screened for the visitors to Science City for a period of six months from 22.01.2015 onwards.



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