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Space Theatre

Astrovision and Helios Planetarium:
Space Theatre
An Academy Awarded Large Format Film: GREECE : SECRET OF THE PAST

GREECE :-SECRET OF THE PAST:A cinematography that takes the audience some 25 centuries into the past to explore the vital legacies left to modern society by ancient Greek civilization. It tells the stirring story of how a Greek archaeologist of the 21st century is uncovering the secret history of his ancient ancestors who forged a society that continues to astound the world today with its ideas, inventions and achievements .

Taking audiences on this illuminating rafting trip are two environmental heroes: world-renowned river advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and author/anthropologist/explorer Wade Davis, accompanied by their daughters Kick Kennedy and Tara Davis. They are guided by Shana Watahomigie, a member of the Havasupai tribe and the first Native American to become a National Park Ranger and river guide.The Greeks invented the concept of democracy, which transformed the world and fills today's headlines. They pioneered the theatrical dramas and comedies that kick-started our modern captivation with entertainment. They pondered the meaning of existence with the study of philosophy; and created the first system of sports competition with the Olympics. They simplified the alphabet, paving the way towards literacy for all; and scanned the night sky, naming the constellations. In art, they perfected the form of the human body. In maths, they developed theorems still taught in school today. In literature, they left behind extraordinary myths and heroes who continue to inspire us– so much so that the first manned flights to the moon were named after the Greek God Apollo. Modern historians have often referred to the collective achievements of the Classical era as “the Greek miracle” and few would argue that it merits the designation “Golden Age”.

‘GREECE: Secrets of the Past’ explores two equally fascinating periods in Greek history: first, the Bronze Age when early Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations made rapid progress in trade, politics, culture and art; and then, the Classical Period, that century and a half when a tremendous flowering of the Greek culture began in Athens and when many of the great works of literature, sculpture, philosophy and drama that we associate with the Greeks today emerged.



Space Theatre
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